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Gil Ordonez

Hi, I'm Gil Ordonez. Welcome to my profile!

Gil Ordonez's Bio:

Gil Ordonez, a ambitious up and coming entrepreneur is a real estate investor, business owner, network marketer, leadership developer and proposed life coach and published author. 


Gil has experience in Leadership and Team Development, Residential Real Estate Investing, Nutritional and Physical Training, and Motivational Counseling. 


His passion is to be in service to others. Gil has successfully served others as a U.S. Marine and as a Emergency Medical Technician. He has also served in his Community by volunteering at the local food bank and spear heading the men's leadership development with 7TH Street Church. 


Gil's present goals are to expand and venture into online marketing by creating and developing websites for multiple streams of Internet income. He is also working on creating a leadership and team development workshop for men of all ages.


A native Southern Californian, Gil currently resides in Long Beach California.


You can reach Gil here:


Gil Ordonez


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Gil Ordonez's Interests & Activities:

Hiking, Camping, Grilling in the Summer time, Social Media, Leadership and Team building

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